Reindeer Soda Bottles

I’ve been relaxing and thinking about what you take to our annual block party. Hors d’oeuvres are mentioned on the invitation. I can go to my local deli and order something for the occasion. I can bring candy as I’ve done before. I can also do something different. Which I think I will do.

I do like these. They are a bit different. There’s also:  

 And also:

That gives you a variety of antler styles. I believe a ribbon wrapped at the neck of the bottle is a nice touch, but as you can see it isn’t really necessary.

They all require the same basic materials:

  • craft brown or red pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • red pom poms
  • ribbon is optional
  • glue gun or glue of your choice
  • scissors are always useful

If you need a video, I have one handy:

Well, there you go! These are great as inexpensive gifts to give to friends, neighbors, your lawn and pool person, even the mail carrier. It’s all part of spreading Christmas cheer!

Santa Mickey Mouse Candy Box

Yes! You can make these with this Free Colorful Template.

The image and free printable is compliments of

And you also need this Mini Mouse Candy Box to keep Mickey company.

These Christmas Candy Boxes look great together or separately. They make excellent hostess gifts. Print out the free printables on card stock, cut them out, assemble and fill them with holiday goodies.

Let Mickey and Mini help with your Christmas celebration!

Decoupage Santa On A Bottle

I went for a little walk around the neighborhood last night to get a good look at all the light displays. Some were quite elaborate and others a bit subdued from previous years. It may be the economy or people hopefully are realizing that Christmas is not all about the commercial hoop-la. What I really enjoyed was the smell of wood burning in the fireplaces of various homes. Some may argue pollution, but it is an aroma that means family, snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate watching television or a DVD together. Maybe some popcorn to munch on, too. It’s the family time that is so special and the crafts you make together or bring out year after year.

Yes, I do have a new craft. The picture tells it all.

Santa Decoupage Bottle @Renáta Kocsis Davis

It’s amazing what a bottle and a bit of imagination can do. 

I love the vintage Santa’s and the calligraphy of an long ago era.  Add a ribbon and some bling and you have a very impressive  bottle to display.

I  imagine this would work nicely with liter soda bottles, too.  I recommend you go on over to and print out some vintage Santa’s, Christmas bells and foliage, some old script or music, cut them out, place them to your taste and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind decoupage bottle. 

Impressive Candy Cane Centerpiece

Candy Cane Vase

The picture seems to tell it all. I do have my take on the best way to make this Christmas craft project work.

You’re going to need:

  • vase of flowers
  • a clean round container the vase of flowers would fit in
  • candy canes
  • two-sided tape
  • large rubber band
  • red or white ribbon

Let’s put it together:

  1. I’d put two strips of two-sided tape around the outer container: approximately halfway down the container and also about a half inch from the bottom of the container to make sure my candy canes will be securely placed.
  2. Attach the candy canes to the container.
  3. For added security, I’d slide a rubber band from the bottom of the candy canes and up under the crooks of the candy canes as in the picture where you see the ribbon.
  4. Next I’d tie a ribbon to hide the rubber band.

By having the vase of roses or flowers of your choice in a container placed in another container, watering will be easier and gives some space away from the candy cane decoration.

You can always do variations of this idea by using small glass or plastic containers and the mini candy canes to use as place setting cards or give as hostess gifts.

This is a festive idea that will dress up your dining table or wherever you choose to put it.

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Rustic Christmas Stockings You Can Make


 I like the rustic look of these stockings. At your favorite craft store you can get wooden letters to adorn them or put names on them using fabric paints. These letters have been “glitterized”. Glitter isn’t my thing, it gets all over everything, but for those of you who are into it — go to town!

As you’ve probably guessed these Christmas Stockings are made from burlap, but you can use whatever fabric you choose. I know of a woman who used leather and vintage fur and baubles to dress them up. She also got into a denim style with pockets. There are no limits to what you can do with stockings.

I think a “western” style might be nice with interesting handkerchiefs for adornment and use denim, too. I like the idea of having pockets on the outside where you can tuck in little goodies and also put in candy canes. They make such a nice variety of them in all color combinations and flavors.

Here’s another image showing off the mantle in a rustic style. It’s nice to bring the outdoors in with your decorating. I do like pine cones and the “southwestern” style this gives. It’s amazing what can be done with garden or artificial clippings, ribbon and imagination. It’s also nice to be able to bring in some family heirlooms or go to a thrift store to find just the right things. I know many from different cultures who like to bring that into their decorating, too. People who travel have some items they picked up and this is a perfect way to display them, too. 

Rustic Christmas Decor

I know I moved away from stockings, but the whole mantle comes into play as you try to tie everything together to make an interesting focal point that attracts the eye of your visitors and guests.

I do have some free templates for you. They’re of the stockings in three sizes:

Large Stocking Template

Medium Stocking Template

Small Stockings Template

Now, for the cuff, you’ll need to work that out and the burlap loop. The loop is no big deal, just a strip of fabric and sew it on your stocking. I was thinking about the cuff. You could fold it down and then sew fabric on it. You can also add to the top of the template — if it doesn’t fit on the size paper you use in your printer, you can print out another one and tape the extra section on your template to make it longer or free hand it.

You may want to do some interesting decorating with bells, garland strips, fake fur and who knows what you’ll find that will make these stockings special. I do like giving you the basics and then you get your imagination and creativity into high gear.

I hope this Rustic Christmas Stocking images and the mantle were food for thought and the article was helpful. We always get ideas from seeing what others do and then make our own to fit our taste and preference.

I included three sizes of stocking templates. You may be able to re-size them to create the size you want. I thought the small ones would be nice to put silverware in for your Christmas dinner. There are lots of things people do for that purpose. They’d also make excellent hostess gifts filled with goodies.

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