Paper Craft Easter Bunny

This happy Easter bunny is a great craft for you to do — you may have just enough time to make a few for family and friends.

I love how these 3D models are created and then put in PDF form in order to share with others. is the source for this adorable bunny, The PDF comes complete with all the pieces you’ll need to make one of your own. You can, of course, add your own embellishments to make it more personal for you or for the person who may receive it. I think it’s fine the way it is, but for those who live on the beach, it may be fun to add some shells . . . you can add flowers and maybe some little trinkets to bling it up a bit. The finishing touches will make it unique and more personal.

I do like it and recommend that you click the picture to the right to be taken to the Paper-Replika website so you can get to the PDF to print it out and assemble.

Since my printer is on the fritz right now I’ll have to wait for my replacement printer, but I’ll be sure to print this out as soon as my new printer is set up. But, just in case it isn’t, I did a bit of looking around and I found this great Tree House. I don’t know about you, but a tree house has always been something I wanted to have. Now since I won’t be building one to use in my backyard, I thought a paper craft one would be fun to have.

You can click this tree house picture to the left and be taken to the Paper-Replika website where you can download it.

I do like the way Julius Perdana, the creator of these paper crafts, put the tree house in a wooded area with rocks. It does look like a cabin in the woods and a tree house seems to be a natural for that setting.

As with the bunny paper craft, you can add your own finishing touches to this tree house to make it fit your ideal — or the one you did have as a child or the one you will make for your children in your own backyard.

Well, bunnies, tree houses and spring all seem to go together. I do hope you’ll visit Paper-Replika and take a look around. I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

Thanks for stopping by and my personal thanks to Julius Perdana at Paper-Replika for these great paper crafts I found.




Peeps On Skateboards

How fun is this!!!

Yes, those Peeps do get around on all kinds of fun and easy things you can put together.peeps-on-skateboards1

These are easy to assemble. And, yes, you assemble them. It’s something the kid can do.

I’m always amazed by what people think of making out of the cookies and candies and sprinkles they have on hand. It does seem like one idea leads to another and then another . . . could these skateboards be surf boards?

The bunny peeps are great, but you can use the chicks, too. They all want to have some “sidewalk surfing” fun this Easter.

Do you feel motivated to go out skateboarding? If peeps can do it, so can you . . . how about a hover board? Would that work for you?

With those orange starburst candies you can fashion the carrots and use the daisy sprinkles for the top . . . and on the wheels and on the peeps . . . you can use either Vienna cookies or Nutter Butter cookies . . . with some tubed frosting, you’ll be sticking the whole thing together in no time at all.

It would be fun to see what the kids put together with your ingredients. They can also make paper backgrounds to make some interesting scenes to go along with their cookie, candy and peep creations.

It’s all about having fun and making this Easter special.


Berry Layered Cake

Berries And Angel Food Cake

I like to make this will strawberries, vanilla pudding poured over layers of angel food cake.berry-layered-cake

It’s no bake . . . when you buy an angel food cake from the bakery section of your local market.

Of course you can use pound cake and the berries of your choice or a combination of berries. I suppose you could also make this with pan cakes . . . or waffles . . . make it with or without the vanilla pudding . . . just the berries with the “cake” of your choice.

So, this isn’t really a recipe . . . a procedure of layering your cake with the berries and if you use pudding, you layer that right along putting the berries on top.

Just follow the picture and you’ll have a delicious dessert for your family . . . and if you decide to use pan cakes or waffles, this would be a flavorful breakfast or brunch . . . with or without the vanilla pudding . . . I know I’m pushing the pudding . . . it’s supposed to be all about the berries.

It’s interesting how a picture can give you several ideas of how to make a special treat for your family. Since it’s about the berries or the fruit . . . banana pudding would be delicious . . . and why not chocolate pudding?

I don’t know, I didn’t really think of it . . . perhaps this could work, too. You just need to gather up your ingredients and go for it. Maybe try some test runs with your combinations . . . maybe cut the angel food cake in small pieces and make different puddings and wash and cut up different berries and fruit and make a whole platter of berry delicious treats.

This would be a wonderful way of giving everyone a little bit of everything before making a commitment of a whole cake using one combination of ingredients. You may find your taste test platter becomes your new Berry Easter Cake tradition.

Have fun and be creative.


Disney’s Thumper Easter Basket

I fell in love with Thumper when I first saw him in Bambi.

So every spring and Easter, I get thinking about him.thumper

Initially, I was thinking of just printing out Thumper and forgetting about the basket. I would love to make other crafts using his image throughout the year. Wouldn’t he look great wrapped up in Christmas lights?

If you do want to print out and make the Easter Basket, just click the image and you’ll be taken to the download and print page.

You can definitely have some great fun filling these Easter baskets with goodies for your family, friends and neighbors.

I would print these out on cardstock and maybe reinforce the pieces by gluing them on chip board or old cereal boxes or soda can boxes or any cardboard you have around. If you plan on putting Easter eggs in them, the baskets may not be sturdy enough to hold them. Or put a note on them to pick up and support the bottom of the basket.

There’s also the Thumper 3-D Easter Card you may want to make.

Spring seems to be in the air . . . no better time than to get thinking about Easter. It will be here sooner than you think.



Emoji Easter Eggs

Emoji’s are extremely popular . . . so why not use them to decorate your Easter Eggs

Yes, it seems easy enough. emojieggs

Just die your eggs yellow and with an appropriate marker draw the emoji of your choice.

This would definitely be a fun family project.

I’m sure you could find some appropriate stickers you could use as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to think ahead for your various do it yourself projects.

All of us have our favorite emoji . . . I can see them on Christmas ornaments, too. There’s another project to think about ahead of time. This could also work when cutting our your Halloween pumpkin . . .

You may also find some stencils that might work. At least for those of you who don’t feel all that artistic. I’m sure you’ll do quite fine on your own . . . just get into it and see what develops.

Get into that childhood mode of being creative and doing your best. Have fun and enjoy yourself.