Byron Street Poltergeist

Haunted By A Poltergeist

Anything of the spirit world that decdes to make itself at home in my residence does frighten me … 

Yes, I live with residence ghosts … but they don’t scare me … but a poltergeist is another kettle of fish as far as I’m concerned. 

From what I’ve learned — They’re quite mean spirited.

Video Presentation Of The Byron Street Poltergeist:


Poltergeist Feed Off The Emotional Energy Of The Living

I find the whole concept of poltergeist to be quite disturbing … Objects and furniture as well as people being tossed about …

It is truly a frightening story that I believe. Paranormal Activities are much more common than many want to believe.

Poltergeists have driven people mad … and have ended lives … They seem to be quite evil and not something you’d want to having hanging around.

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Images In The Mirror

Too often we see images in mirrors that haunt us for years until we can let them go . . . that is, when they no longer frighten us. This seems to be the key to letting go of haunting images that usually are seen in a mirror. 

Mirrors do creep me out. I’ve had my share of mirror experiences, but I do have a fondness of hearing the experiences of others who have seen images in mirrors.

Years ago I heard of a celebrity who saw a murder in a mirror. I don’t remember the details or who the celebrity was, but since that day I’ve had this love/hate relationship with mirrors. Are there messages for us to unravel left in mirrors? Is it residual energy captured in mirrors? Or is it a warning against vanity of our constant need to look at our image in a mirror?

People do believe spirits get trapped in mirrors, that’s why when there is a death in the family, mirrors are covered out of respect — and to prevent their spirits from being trapped inside it.

There is also a belief that mirrors are portals from which good and evil spirits can travel through from one realm to another. 

When Mary Beth lost her grandmother, she spent hours in her room gazing into her mirror, praying to speak with her grandmother once again. At night her mirror would vibrate, waking her. She would get out of bed and peer into the mirror calling to her grandmother . . . but she never received a message from her or saw her image in the mirror. Her mother thought this obsession of Mary Beth’s was unhealthy and removed the mirror from her room, but she found other mirrors in the house to gaze into.

She had the hand mirror of her grandmother’s that she hid in a drawer along with her brush and comb. When Mary Beth was alone in the house she would bring it out and call to her grandmother. One particular day, Mary Beth decided to gaze in the mirror and speak to her grandmother as though she was actually there. She had so very much to share. This was calming to her until one day, she saw something in the mirror . . . and it wasn’t her grandmother or any relative.

It was an elderly man dressed in overalls. His mouth was moving, but Mary Beth couldn’t hear what he was saying. She was torn between gazing deeper into the mirror and putting it in the drawer.

Of course, Mary Beth gazed deeper into the mirror. She even put it up to her ear. She had to know what this old farmer had to say. She did live in an old farm house with 100 acres. There was probably something important she needed to do to help him. Mary Beth was an avid reader of mysteries. This was an adventure she was eager to pursue.

Her mother returned home. Mary Beth quickly put the mirror to the drawer. Her adventure had to wait.

She asked her mother about the previous owner. There wasn’t much to tell, but there was something strange about the son who sold them the place. 

“He told us to always keep a light on in the barn. Well, you know your father, he didn’t do what others told him to do.”

“But the barn has a light on at night.”

“Yes, now it does, but when we first moved in, he turned it off since we weren’t using it, except for storage.”

Mary Beth remembered how all their boxes were ruined due to the barn flooding. The strange thing was there was no rain or snow that could have caused it, it was summer. When her father left the light on in the barn, the flooding stopped. But this was after he spent a fortune on plumbers and surveyors to check over the property to discover a reasonable explanation.

Since Mary Beth couldn’t hear what the farmer in the mirror was trying to tell her, she thought her mystery should begin in the barn. That seemed to be the logical place to take the old mirror and gaze in it. Her mother thought it a wise move to get the mirror out of the house and the barn seemed a logical place. She climbed up into the loft, set it up against some bales of hay and started calling to the old farmer.

“I know there’s something strange about this barn,” Mary Beth began. “What do you want me to know?”

“Well,” responded the mirror, or so she thought. There was no image, just the statement “well.” 

Mary Beth was quite confused, well what she thought. Then she thought of water. “A water well!” she exclaimed. That had to be it.

The old farmer’s image was seen in the mirror. He told Mary Beth of how he was out fetching water from the well and felt a sharp stabbing pain in his chest. He fell forward and into the well. His wife and children looked all over for him. They couldn’t believe he would run off, but since he hadn’t returned, that’s what they believed.

The family moved away. The old well was obsolete in the minds of the new owners who wanted to modernize the old farm house. It was filled in with dirt and the brick casing was used as flooring for the new barn that was built over the old well.

Mary Beth looked down at the patch of old bricks that made a strange circular pattern on the barn floor. “Could this be the grave of the old farmer in the mirror,” she thought.

After much persuading on Mary Beth’s part, her father finally had the barn floor dug up and the bones of the old farmer were discovered and removed. It was confirmed that Mr. Clay Miller had fallen into the well. His children returned and gave him a fitting funeral.

There are indeed many mysteries to uncover . . . hidden within mirrors.

What have you seen in your mirrors? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Cemetery Solitude

I Find Visiting A Cemetery To Be Relaxing And Tranquil

I believe most cemeteries are not populated with the souls of departed loved ones. They move on … Yet with many books and movies … one would think that a cemetery is an active playground for the dearly departed.

There may be some who do linger just to see who comes to visit.

I love old cemeteries … I have one not far from my home that I visit quite often. I’ve gotten some interesting EVPs … and spirits have appeared to me.

I’m interested in their stories … some don’t mind talking … some want to be left alone … I’ve been very fortunate to help some “cross over” … while a few want me to leave and mind my own business …

I Watched Heather’s Video To The Right …

I was quite interested in Christina and how she kept on topic during the EVP section.

Most of us do become impatient and when not receiving an immediate clear response move on with other questions …

What it and let me know what you think 🙂

Heather’s Hauntings Cemetery Video


This Was My First Introduction To Christina

It was interesting how the wind kicked up. 

I do wonder about the people who thought it weird to visit a cemetery … Perhaps there have been problems in the past at certain locations and it is suspicious to see people sitting around … But how else are we to visit with loved ones or other dearly departed souls?

I don’t know if you heard anything or saw something of interest or unusual in the video. I’d like to hear your comments below.

I’ve heard music ,.. crying … sometimes laughter … And at times creepy sounds or foot steps … I’ve been touched … I’ve also been drawn to other graves … 

In one particular case, a little girl took my hand and led me to her grave. It is always sad to see the grave of a child …

She shared about her heart condition and how so very tired she was … but her coffin has been soaked through and she can’t stay in there …

Fortunately … she had a grandmother who had died and was looking for her …

They were reunited eventually … but it took several months for them to finally get together …

I left … believing my work there was over and the grandmother’s spirit would take over … but I found them at my house … needing help … They didn’t want to cross over … 

They were my house guests for several months … perhaps as long as a year before I was able with the help of a psychic medium to help them move on …

The spiritual realm is quite fascinating … but I wouldn’t recommend inviting spirits into your home … We want to help … but they are disruptive to our persoTnal lifestyle as a living person …

Please share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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Tastes, Sights And Sounds Of Summer

For Me, The Taste Of Summer Is A Cool Refreshing Root Beer Float.

Yet with the crackle of an open fire, I immediately think of s’mores … 

Then comes the image of shadowy figures … perhaps a ghost … and then the hum of voices as the telling of ghost stories begins … and the screams of those who got the wits scared out of them … then the laughter …

Summer is fun and perhaps a bit magical when shared with family and friends.

I Have Fond Memories Of Having Root Beer Floats On My Grandmother’s Front Porch During The Summer.

It was something I always looked forward to … but the real fun was when my brother and I were sent to bed and we’d sneak upstairs and sit on the window seat in one of the front bedrooms and with the window open could hear the ghost stories told by the adults on the front porch.

I suppose they thought such stories inappropriate for children … and sometimes they were … but I’d never tell what we heard … until now …

My father was talking about a summer evening on the ranch where he grew up … He remembered reading a book while he was doing the watering of the grapefruit grove … He heard something off in the distance and went to investigate, The dogs were barking and must have scared off whatever it was.

That evening, he remembered his book. It must have fallen out of his pocket. Well it was dark outside and he debated whether to go out for his book or wait until morning … but he did want to continue reading before going to bed, so he ventured out in the dark with a lantern to light his way. He was hoping one of the dogs would join him, but they were busy either chewing on a bone or sleeping.

My dad ventured out to the grove, trying to remember where he was when he heard the noise and must have dropped his book … There was a slight breeze that hummed through the trees … It was kind of spooky … but he was on a mission to find his book …

He did see a man standing there … at first he thought it was his dad checking on the grove and whether my dad did his job of watering … but when he approached the figure … it floated away to another row of trees … 

My dad called out, “Did you find my book? I must have dropped it when I was out here earlier.”

There was no response. He knew it wasn’t his dad because he was smoking his pipe on the porch when he went out. He was talking with some neighbors who had stopped by.

He believed he saw a ghost … and was determined to follow it … maybe it would lead him to his lost book. My dad had lots of paranormal experiences while growing up. 

There was a shout, but my dad couldn’t quite make it out … he thought it was the ghost telling him he found the book … but my dad had ventured out farther than the grapefruit grove found an old abandoned well … He called down into it, “Anybody there?” and it echoed back at him giving him a cold chill down his back. He swore the echo said, “Come down and join us.”

Forgetting all about his lost book he ran back to the house. He got into bed and tried to go to sleep … he remembered leaving his lantern near the old abandoned well. 

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I’m Basically A Scaredy Cat

I Admire Those Urban Explorers Who Go Out To Capture Evidence Of The Paranormal.

I’ve gone to haunted locations and have experienced some creepy stuff.

I’m not one who enjoys getting the wits scared out of me … but I do enjoy good ghost stories — Real Ghost Stories from those who have had personal paranormal experiences.

I have quite a bit of activity in my own home … I’m not sure why … It may have something to do with the antiques I’ve collected as well as the experiences that have occurred in this house and on the property. If I had any sense I’d probably move, but it doesn’t seem to be anything that scares me on a regular basis. Nothing grabs me while I sleep or sits on me or causes me to be afraid for my life.

I know of many who have lived in haunted houses and have gone out screaming … never to return for their belongings …

There are those who have gone to hotels/motels and had to leave because of sounds and lights turning on and off, water running and toilets flushing … knocks on the walls and doors … That sense of being watched … and being touched …

That’s why I enjoy collecting Real Ghost Stories rather than going out exploring on my own.

If you have a Real Ghost Story you’d like to share, send it to me at: and if I use it on this website, you’ll receive credit for it. I do love to know about your personal paranormal experiences.

Lately I’ve been busy with another website which I’ve mentioned before. I’m delving into Tarot Cards and Tarot Card Readings … I’m really excited about two Tarot decks I’ve recently purchased: Tarot of Haunted House and Ghost Tarot. These are great Tarot decks I’m enjoying as I’m learning … Yes, currently I’m a student of Tarot rather than an experienced Tarot reader … I’m not sure if I’ll ever master it … but I’m on a wonderful journey.

The Ghost Tarot is quite a wonderful Tarot Deck with images of ghosts …  The illustrator did a wonderful job … makes me wonder what ghostly encounters he may have experienced. I’m also curious if while working on this Tarot deck if the author or illustrator experienced anything paranormal.

I must admit I haven’t experienced anything out of the normal since I purchased these Tarot decks … but perhaps things will change once I begin using them regularly … I was thinking “one can only hope” then I remembered “be careful what you wish for” … I plan to be burning a lot of sage while I use my Tarot cards for practice while learning and when I’m doing readings for myself …

There was a movie on Tarot cards I watched awhile ago … of course it was creepy. It had to do with using Tarot cards that were not her own … they had been buried with her grandmother … and she dug up her grandmother’s remains and took the Tarot cards. Well … it seems logical that she made a serious mistake … I purchase my own Tarot cards. I’m afraid to purchase used decks online or in thrift stores … One never knows what they may be buying …

Well as I stated in the title … I’m basically a scaredly cat …

I don’t believe Tarot Cards are anything like Ouija Boards … I would be interested to learn your views on the subject in the comments below,

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Maybe You Were Expecting A Ghost Story.

I don’t want to disappoint you … I did find an interesting video you may enjoy.

I find it interesting to watch paranormal activity at times … Re-enactments are quite interesting I do enjoy. I hope you will too,

The video to the right comes from Canada. I found it quite informative,

Things That Go Bump …