Month: October 2015

Listening To Things Going Bump In The Night

A Windy Night With Gusts Of Wind Banging, Clanging And Going Bump In The Night Windy days have never been my favorite. It has been blowing steadily for a couple of days and nights. I hear the train whistle off in the distance. Always a calming sound to me. Our senses pick up more than we’re completely aware of on a daily basis. We may depend upon one more than the others. You’ve heard how people with vision problems have a keen sense of hearing. Or those with hearing problems develop better visual acuity. So do we depend primarily...

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Thankfully Looking Ahead

Do You Count Your Blessings Daily? Are you truly thankful for your many blessings? Is this a thought that comes around only during Thanksgiving? There’s plenty of negativity around us. The trick is to ignore it and fill your heart and mind with positive thoughts. I know it is easier said than done. Would You Rather Be Happy Or Complaining All of the Time? Have you noticed how many say the former and do the latter? Most of us are a mixture — we may start out happy and then something we see or hear turns us into a...

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Halloween Contradiction

Are You A Good Parent? You practice what you preach, right? At least to the best of your ability. You want to give your children life enriching experiences that allow them to grow into intelligent, productive adults. But . . . no matter your good intentions children can be a bit confused about Halloween and going door-to-door to get candy. The quote may be an extreme example. It is also pretty far from the truth. We usually guide our children to do their trick-or-treating within the neighborhood where you pretty much know everyone. You’re giving your children a safe...

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Halloween Inspiration

It’s Amazing How Something Simple Can Be Made Halloween Creepy I’m not into the gross, but I can appreciate the spooky and the thought provoking. This image with the Victorian Birds seems tasteful, but also creepy in a Hitchcock sort of way. Maybe a bit Poe . . . and Stephen King as well. Many writers get their ideas from normal everyday objects . . . and ask “What if . . .” It got me thinking . . . always a dangerous sign . . . So many . . . yes, so many people have a fear...

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Thunder, Lightning, Rain In The Early Morning Hours

I’m always amazed when the weather commentator gets it right. It was right on schedule, just past midnight. The thunder rumbled and roared. A bright flash of lightning and the tap, tap, tapping of the rain on the roof. This weather pattern will remain in place through the week and maybe the weekend or clear up. I’m sure it is all subject to change. The thunder is still grumbling and rumbling. The rain has stopped and I’m not near a window to see the lightning. That’s fine with me. It gives me some mood music to write this blog...

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I’m a blogger, antique collector and love ghost stories. Visit this site regularly — you never know what I’ll be sharing. — Sharon

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