Month: December 2017

Say Good-bye To 2017

There is usually excitement and celebration when ringing in the New Year and kicking the old one to the curb. Each year does have its moments to celebrate . . . but for some reason we’re always looking forward to something new with hope and promise of better things. I’m not so sure what would be better for me . . . I’m not into New Year Resolutions . . . I prefer to be as positive as possible and attract as much goodness as feasible flowing to me. I don’t know the form it will take . ....

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Is it Over?

Christmas is over, but today is a day of returns and bargains! My grandmother used to get in on the white sales — bedding usually, but there may have been table cloths, too. I think it was primarily sheets and pillow cases. Today it is electronics, clothing and Christmas items. After Halloween everyone is grabbing the half price candy. After Thanksgiving there’s Black Friday when the Christmas frenzy begins. So really, it isn’t over until . . . the stores bring in the Valentine stuff. It’s all for making room for the next celebration. This is an excellent time...

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Christmas Eve Eve

Oh yes, it has finally arrived!!! Many are traveling, many are anxiously awaiting family and friends . . . Oh yes, there will be the last minute shoppers . . . and those getting their groceries . . . and there may be a bit more tidying about the house . . .  I’ll be doing laundry . . . Want my dining table tablecloth to be fresh and may need to iron it, too . . . along with my place settings and napkins. And, of course there are the gift box place settings . . . It...

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Settling Into Christmas

I know there are many last-minute shoppers . . . but essentially if we want merchandise delivered by Christmas, it makes sense to have that completed. This time of the year, the weather can sometimes be strange and we’ve had fires in California which affected delivery of on-line orders. We do need to think ahead . . . and also be mindful of the safety of those delivering our merchandise. I’m just as happy to receive my orders after Christmas — it spreads the holiday out a bit longer. Yet I know there are those who want what they...

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Yeti In My Spaghetti Product Review

I love board games, card games and this dexterity game similar to pick-up sticks, but much more fun!! I love games that include the young children and is fun to watch as well as play. This game teaches sportsmanship. It is obvious that when a player dumps the Yeti into the bowl that the game ends. That player loses, but it is so much fun up to that point that everyone just plays another round. Yeti In My Spaghetti was designed for 2 or more players 4 years and up. The game includes: a Bowl a Yeti 30 Noodles...

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