What Are Your Views About Reincarnation?

I got caught up watching YouTube today — So many people with interesting regression therapy to discover past lives they may have lived. There are also children who know so much about a past life — it is frightening for the parents to hear, but the child needs support in dealing with such memories or visions.

I don’t have definite memories of a past life — I’ve had some crazy dreams about different places of the past . . . I just find the  concept interesting.

What are your views about reincarnation? Leave me a comment.


I hope you find this video interesting. It makes me want to find someone in my area who does regression therapy — also research to help prove that what was experienced could indeed be true.

I don’t know how I’d feel after learning about my past life . . . I suppose it all depends upon how different my past life was from my current life. I wouldn’t want to have bad karma . . .  but perhaps this could be why some things don’t work out as one might prefer.

I’d like to know how you liked the video. Leave me a comment. Has this video changed how you feel about reincarnation?

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Are You Enjoying Your Day?

I’m updating my websites. It is a slow process for me … I’ve been away from my computer for much too long.

I have been watching some movies on Amazon Prime Videos … It’s been enjoyable … something I encourage you to try. Sign-up is quick, easy and secure. There are so very many benefits you can enjoy.  There should be a link on the sidebar … definitely at the bottom of my home page … I don’t want to be too pushy … I know you can decide what is best for you and your family.

I have watched the latest series by Amazon “I Know What You Did Last Summer” … it was creepy … interesting … entertaining … I was hooked!  That may not be much of an review, but honest. I also watched “The Fall” — it took much more time than I anticipated …. in the end it was well worth it.  I got hooked on the story and wanted to see how it would end … then disappointed when the series was over …. I wanted to see more cases solved.  Oh well, such is how series go … and movies too.

I’m eager to know what Prime Videos interest you. I watch a variety of movies … I do love mysteries … not so much into the horror, but at times … Comedy is always good for something light ….

With a new year there is much to explore and enjoy.

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Urban Legends From California

When Does An Urban Legend Become A Ghost Story?

I thought these urban legends were more like ghost stories.  I started thinking about it and concluded that maybe an urban legend has to do with real people who are bnow ghosts. Most urban legends have to do with someone seen on a road or abridge … sometimes in woods … Many urban legends have to do with real people who would harm people stranded at night … or just causing michief.

Tjese stories are about real haunted places with real ghost s … You decide if these are urban legends or ghost stories.

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Haunted Places In California


Creepy Night

Had A Windy Day And A Cold Night

The wind certainly made a mess of my front porch littered with leaves. Raking them up will warm me up. 

I sometimes wonder about watching spooky videos and how it affects my personal comfort. Was it really cold last night or was it the video I was watching that gave me a cold chill … It is always interesting to see what others will explore late at night or during the wee hours of the morning. 

Consulting a Ouija Board is not something I would do … but I do find it interesting how people will make their own spirt boards to use at haunted locations … 

Central Park Exploration


I Didn’t Think Ahead To Get In On The 13 Days Before Halloween It’s Great Others Have

I also have to congratulate those who are brave enough to go out to various haunted or just downright scary places and record their experiences for our enjoyment. I’m too chicken to do it … even walking around my own neighborhood … I’ve gotten creeped out by some of the Halloween decorations some of my neighbors have done … especially with their spooky lights … I can get creeped out …

I do hope you enjoyed this video … Too often it is the real people who are more threatening than the ghostly realm … What do you think?

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I Love The Fall/Autumn Weather

We Get Teased Quite A Bit In The Fall With A Few Days Of Cooler Temperatures To Gradually Return To Hot Summer Temperatures … Hopefully This Time It Will Remain Cool

The other night I noticed a neighbor across the street put up some spooky lights … There was a mixture of purple and orange lights that gave the front of their house a creepy spooky feeling. I did not venture out … I had no idea what may be lurking in the bushes …

It is nice to see others are getting into the spirit of the season.


I’ve Been Watching Videos About Hauntings … But Thought Some Halloween Personal Experiences Would Be Of More Interest

I’ve always enjoyed Halloween … dressing up and going from door to door for candy … sometimes staying home and handing out candy … I’ve enjoyed ghost stories, but not the ones where people get hurt …

It’s all right to get scared about an urban legend, as long as it doesn’t have to do with being hacked to death …I’m into the family friendly type of stories where everyone has a good fright or even a creepy feeling … perhaps with a lesson to be learned … 

Enjoy the stories.



Halloween Stories