Do You Think Geek?

For Those Of You “In The Know” … Think Geek Is At Amazon …

A few weeks ago I was livestreaming with some of my internet marketing friends … It was suggested I check out Think Geek. I admit I haven’t been to that website in several years … But it was worth chcking out … And I found Amazon is now selling their merchandise!!

This was great news for me since I love Amazon and encurage my visitors, famiy and friends to shop Amazon as well …

So … Let’s Get Our Geek On And See What We Can See …

We have Guardians of the Galazy Dancing Groot … Vinyl Record Disc Coasters — Great gift for those who remember records … not that we’d ever think to set a drink on our records …

Next we have the getDigital Magic Cube Tissue Box Cover … It’s colorful and would look lovely anywhere in your home … 

And finally we have something quite amazing for your Star Trek Fans … Star Trek Next Gen Badgeeration Bluetooth Communicator Badge …

There has to be something your friends and family will definitely love …

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Got You Stumped …

Never fear … you can get some great Amazon products … plus upgrade cell phones … and ThinkGeek …

Click any of the links and finish up your Christmas Shopping … 

I had some fun … hope you did too …

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Echo Show

Just when you got used to Amazon’s Echo, they improved it!

That’s true!!

Now there is Echo Show — that’s right — you can now see the weather report, the breaking news, a message from friends and family and so much more than I can tell you about.

Echo Show has 8 microphones and beam-forming technology so it can hear you across the room while music or the tv is playing. It still uses the Alexa App, but it can do so much more.

Click the image to the right to learn about it for yourself and imagine how awesome this would be.

Buy 2 and save!!!

I highly recommend this Echo Show — they would make excellent Christmas gifts!!!

Get the latest technology and introduce it to your family and friends. It will make it so much easier and much more fun to keep in touch.

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Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet


 I’ve reviewed this kid’s tablet once before, but with summer coming sooner than we think, it would be excellent to have this on-hand for the kids to keep up with their reading and fun time. With Fire HD Kid’s Tablet your children won’t be bored with nothing to do.

It comes with excellent parent controls so you won’t have to worry that the kids ordered something. You can also limit the time for games and apps and give an unlimited amount of time for reading. Or you can limit that, too, so kids get some exercise time outside.

It’s an excellent tablet that the whole family can enjoy.

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Have You Caught The Amazon Fire TV Fever — Product Review

The Amazon Fire TV is catching on and people are wondering what they ever did without it.

 Click the image for more information or to buy now.

Here’s an informative video you may enjoy to get all the technical information and to see what it can do for you.


Amazon Fire TV has your entertainment needs covered. It’s a great low cost with some bundles that are offered or you can buy what you want and need to make this serve you and your family’s preferences. It’s a powerful system in a very small unit. It’s Amazon amazing!

Here are some links you may find helpful:

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