It’s Friday the 13th!!

Wow!! Friday the 13th!! I’m sure you know where I’m going with this . . .

Last night was quite windy here. I had some strange thoughts . . . and then I realized the date!!

I’ve been watching YouTube Videos about haunted places and abandoned places — they were quite creepy and sometimes disappointing . . . So I usually turn to Amazon, I love their Prime Videos.

And, if I’m too late for you to get these, maybe a nice book or two would be to your liking:

With your Kindle, you can get your titles instantly. This is so cool!!

Or maybe you would prefer something lighter and a bit more fun for your Friday the 13th entertainment:

Well . . . that’s still creepy . . . I wonder what would work. Perhaps click one of the links above and your personal shopping of movies and Kindle Books. I’m sure you will find something of interest.

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How Often Do You Take Pictures?

I’m sure for many of you, it is an everyday thing.

We are very fortunate to have smart phones handy to snap a picture whenever necessary . . . but sometimes we want a camera that is a bit larger and does a whole lot more.

I know many of you may be thinking you don’t want a big bulky camera that is difficult to use.

I’ve never been a great photographer, but I do appreciate a great photograph.

When we’re out and about, there are plenty of interesting homes, buildings, fountains . . . an isolated park bench that catches our eye . . .

As they say . . . A picture is worth a thousand words . . .

There are stories to tell . . . histories to discover . . . or to make up from your own thoughts and feelings about a setting or a structure . . .

There are plenty of books about photography . . . but the best “teacher” is getting out and taking pictures. I love the digital cameras, allowing me to take hundreds of pictures of just about everything . . . and perhaps capturing one that is perfect to my eye and imagination.

Yes, there are numerous technical terms you can use about capturing the light and who knows what . . . You will know when you capture a feeling in your image . . . a feeling that seems to speak to you . . .

I live in an area where there are hundreds, if not thousands of old homes . . . mansions, actually . . . most of them are in excellent shape and behind gates . . . People do enjoy their privacy. But sometimes, you can get a glimpse of them . . . and with the right camera, you can be far enough away, but zoom in to capture the essence of the place.

I’m all for not trespassing. I want people to have their privacy . . . I value my own within my own property . . . so, from across the street or on a sidewalk, I can take pictures of homes, cars, a pile of rocks . . . whatever interests me when I’m out.

I do have an interest in abandoned places . . . not to go inside . . . but to capture the weathered siding . . . the broken bricks . . . seeing how nature captures an old house by growing not just on the outside, but moving right on in . . .

Are there beautiful pictures waiting for you to take?

Here are some cameras you may find helpful . . . and some books, too:

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Do You Like Mysteries?

A good “whodunit” always intrigues me.

It goes back to Nancy Drew for me . . . and the Clue game . . . and then the TV Columbo and Murder She Wrote . . . and then there are movies and older books . . . as well as popular writers today . . .whodunitbanner

The thing is, the concept of finding a body floating in a pool is a theme that has been used in literature and movies for years . . . There are hundreds of thousands of twists that have been suggested and we may still be interested in learning more . . . But, it may not be how the person died, but who the person was and all the friends and neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances who knew the victim that interests us and makes up the story.

Sometimes the story is opened ended and leaves you hanging . . . but you may feel confident you know “whodunit” . . . or it’s something you discuss with friends or family . . . comparing notes and thoughts . . . It can be quite haunting, finding you’re thinking about it from time to time.

I suppose a good mystery does that.

I’ve always wanted to write a good mystery, but, as yet, haven’t gotten the characters and the plot together to make an interesting story . . .

It does seem my mind is chewing on it . . .

I remember a book that came out 2 to 3 decades ago inviting people to solve the mystery. I remember it being a complicated plot and getting lost within the story and quite frankly losing interest in it as well. I think someone did solve it and won a cash prize. I do congratulate that individual for muddling through the story and untangling the web or red herrings that ran through it.

With winter approaching, I would like to read a good mystery . . . Here are some that may interest you:

A good mystery on a cold winter’s night is a great way to spend a quiet evening . . . or maybe you like to watch a good movie . . . Here are a few you may enjoy:

I have gotten hooked on these Hallmark mystery series. I like DVDs I can share with the whole family and then discuss it later . . .

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July Is Coming To A Close

July, 2016 has been memorable.

Being an election year for those of us in the United States of America, both parties selected their candidate for President along with their Vice President.

The campaigns may be heating up for the final outcome in November.BackToSchool

But before then . . . we’ll be getting the kids off for another school year and Halloween!!!

There are still some days of summer to enjoy, though. Maybe a last trip someplace. Getting more swimming in and enjoying the warm temperature.

I don’t know if that dreaded essay of “What I Did Over Summer Vacation” is still asked. If so, now is an excellent time to get thinking about that. Helping the kids by hitting the highlights of those who had a very active summer . . . and for those who didn’t . . . thinking of ways of making at least one thing you did with your family sound interesting.

When I think back on summer vacations, I think of all the time in the car. Yes, we saw lots of things and had fun at a cabin on the lake or going to National Parks . . . and even visiting relatives . . . The task of sitting down to write about it took all the fun out of what fun we did have.

And, the absolute worst part was reading them aloud . . . Yes, that was torture listening to what others did . . . some were as lame as my summer vacation.

I’m way past that . . . but I do get a cold shiver down my spine when school opens each year . . . even though I’m definitely not involved. Maybe I’m having empathy for all those students . . . Times have definitely changed . . . but those “first day butterflies” may still remain.

There are old movies about this . . . I was wondering if there was a jigsaw puzzle . . . or some books:

I’m never disappointed! There is always something available to help me out.

Honestly, I was thinking of doing a kick-start into Halloween. . . I know it’s still too early . . . so I went with the back-to-school theme. But don’t be surprised as you’re shopping in preparation for a new school year, you don’t see Halloween stuff . . . The stores always seem to start early . . . and by the time I may be ready to think of buying stuff . . . those shelves may be getting a bit bare . . .

Strange isn’t it? We’re always being pushed to the next season and the next holiday.

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Enjoy your remaining days of summer!