Strange Encounters

There are plenty of old houses where I live. I sometimes get a weird feeling from houses, just passing by them.

Some are inviting and others feel creepy and I don’t even want to look at them. Has this happened to you?

I believe every house has the potential of being haunted. Not scary haunted, just having a previous owner who has passed still living there. It starts out with a feeling of being watched. Then you may feel cold or increasingly uncomfortable. Depending upon the spirit, you can either feel welcome or unwelcome. I have walked into houses and immediately wanted to leave. It’s awkward when you’re invited to dinner and just don’t want to stay another second. You truly believe something horrible will happen to you if you do stay. Sometimes you see something out of the corner of your eye. You know you’re not imagining it, but you do shrug it off. You don’t want to say anything, not everyone shares your belief in the paranormal. And, honestly, how do you tell a friend that their house is creepy?

The interesting thing is when you do make contact with a ghost, who doesn’t know he or she is dead.

There have been times when I’ve talked with a ghost and didn’t know it was a ghost. It thought I was a ghost.

I was looking to buy a house a number of years ago. There was a great open house that served food and allowed potential buyers to look around and get a “feel” of the house. I suppose it was a way of imagining how it would feel to live there as opposed to most open houses where they invite you in, quickly show you around and out the door you entered.

It was a friendly crowd who were sitting around enjoying the buffet. I wasn’t sure how many realtors were there and how many were potential buyers. It didn’t matter to me. I was enjoying the setting and was curious about other homes in the area they may have seen. For me, it seemed to be a way of comparing notes of different houses in different price ranges.

I noticed an elderly woman standing off to the side with an unpleasant expression on her face. She seemed to be upset about something. Being a curious person, I walked by her and stood close by, but not too close.

She immediately said, “Why are all these people here?”

I told her it was an open house.

She said there must be some mistake, she wasn’t selling her house. She also explained that no one would listen to her. “These people came early and started setting things up and snooping all over the house. They woke me up at the crack of dawn.”

Then she got a really frightened expression on her face. She was sure her house was haunted by these “party makers.”

Well, I’m not one to tell her they were real. At the moment I didn’t know I was talking to a ghost.

Later, my realtor was asking me why I was standing there talking to myself.

Fortunately, she shared my belief in ghost so I told her I was talking to the previous owner who didn’t know she was dead and didn’t want to sell her house.

She left to talk with the realtor who was hosting this open house. We did make a hasty retreat. He was probably afraid I would tell his potential buyers the place was haunted.

I can only imagine how the family that moves into that house are going to feel to have a resident ghost who doesn’t want them there.

Well, I’m usually at my local coffee shop, if they wish to talk . . . I wonder how the dear old woman is coping . . .

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The Scent Of Honeysuckle And An Old Rocking Chair

David bought a small house a year after his wife of 40 years passed.

He needed a change. The house was a constant reminder of the life he shared with his family — the children were grown with families of their own. So, David decided he needed to move on and maybe a new living environment would help him not be so lost and lonely.

In his new home, David. noticed the rooms were filled with junk from the previous owner.  He phoned the realtor to see if they needed more time to remove all the old belongings they left.  After an hour he received a call saying they took what they wanted and he could do as he pleased with what was left.

He busied himself disposing of all that was beyond repair and put other items into another spare room, for the next trash pick-up day. He also set aside some miscellaneous items to see if at a later date he might find a use for them.

He found a set of iron shelves he put on the wall as a bookcase, he used a couple of old chests to display his wine collection and used a sofa, chair, end tables and coffee table to balance things out a bit.

He was pleased there was a dining table with chairs already set up in the dining area and the kitchen still had dinnerware, silverware, and cookware in the cupboards.

He found an old bird cage he cleaned up and decided to put candles in.

He spent most of the day and evening putting together an old broken rocking chair.

He was sitting in the rocking chair and smelled honeysuckle.  He wasn’t aware if any was planted outside, but he liked the scent and if not, he was going to definitely plant some outside.

He looked around the room, admiring all he accomplished and then wondered what was missing.  He was positive something was missing. Consciously, this was the first time he started furnishing his house, but this was all odds and ends of another life, long ago — not David’s life.  Was he remembering something?  Was some entity there directing him?

He walked into the spare bedroom for anything he could add to his living room. He found a clock he could put on the mantle and some figurines of wild life.

When he arranged them on the mantle, he was feeling a bit more “complete.”

He turned around and said very seriously, “Is there someone here? Were you helping me? I hope you don’t mind my using your furniture, book shelves and these pieces I put on the mantle.  I couldn’t throw some of this stuff out.  I didn’t mean to interfere . . .” David didn’t want to say the next part.  He really liked this little house, but he knew in order to have peace with spirits he would have to get it all out.

“If you don’t want me to be here, I guess I’ll have to sell the house and find someone else to buy it and find someplace else to live. If this is what you want, let me know, but please don’t move things around and make a bunch of noise.  That would scare me half to death.  Thank you.”

It seems everything is fine at David’s house. He’s been there for 5 years now.  He has noticed the rocking chair rocking slightly and he feels there is someone there — an older man keeping him company when he doesn’t have friends or family visiting.

Yes, it does seem possible for the living and the non-living to share a space compatibly together.  Very few mention having a resident ghost in their house, but sometimes they do seem just like one of the family.

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Who Was That Guy?

Have you ever seen someone who seemed a bit out of place?

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve talked to spirits thinking they were real or saw something that really wasn’t there, but I know what I saw.  Well, Janet was working in a nursing home.  Basically she would claim she had seen just about everything and nothing in the realm of the paranormal surprised her. But what she saw one particular day did make her take notice and still gives her an uneasy feeling to this day.

This happened a couple of years ago in a nursing home in northern Alabama, but quite honestly, it could happen anywhere.  And it probably has.

The nursing home was built in the 1960’s and has always been a nursing home. Prior to it being built, it was farmland and had been for years.  Janet had worked at the nursing home for over 25 years when this incident happened.

Janet and a few other coworkers were in the dining room cleaning up one afternoon.

She had just finished cleaning the last table and turned around.  She saw a figure dressed in black:  a black suit, a black cape, wearing a black top hat.  The odd thing was that the figure was either a skeleton or very gaunt.  She remembers besides being dressed all in black, there was a mixture of beige, yellow and gray mixed in there, too.  She did a double-take, but the image was gone.  She mentioned it to one of the other women, on the off chance that she saw it, too.  She hadn’t, but she believed Janet.  The cook commented, “We see strange things all the time. It was just your turn to see something today.”

Seeing something strange was odd enough, but the unsettling part for Janet was that the woman who sat right across from this figure passed away before dinner.  She seemed to be healthy for a nursing home resident.  Her passing was a surprise to the nursing staff and other residents.

Janet is convinced she saw “the grim reaper.” Why she happened to see “him” that particular day, she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t want to see him again.

Quite honestly, Janet was afraid for her own life. It wasn’t that she wasn’t feeling well or had any health issues, it was just the idea that she saw “the grim reaper” and no one else on the staff saw him . . . or admitted to seeing him.

She had seen “shadow people” scurrying about at various times, but nothing like this figure dressed in black.  She had also seen a “lady in white” floating about the hallways and slipping in and out of rooms, maybe making her rounds checking on patients, but none of these sightings foretold of death.

There has been a resident ghost at the nursing home since before Janet started working there.

Many believe it is residual energy. It’s a woman who always would sit outside her door, waiting for the nurse to come to her room to check her temperature and blood pressure.  She had to know, first thing in the morning if she had a temperature and if her blood pressure was normal. It became an obsession with her.  It was something she needed to know before she would dress in the morning or eat breakfast. She insisted it be taken precisely at the same time every morning.  Well, even during her after-life, she’s waiting for her temperature and blood pressure to be taken.

One of the nurses thought it would be interesting to take this ghostly apparition’s temperature and blood pressure, but on several occasions when approaching “it”  . . . “it” vanished.

I suppose one of the ghost nurses needed to accommodate her . . . and there seemed to be ghost nurses hanging around the nursing home, too.

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