Scared Half To Death

I received a frantic telephone call from my friend Barbara early one morning.

We decided to meet at our favorite coffee shop. I was hoping others would arrive, too, to get to the bottom of Barbara’s paranormal experience.

These spirits Barbara encountered were aggressive. She accused them of drugging her husband so he couldn’t come to her rescue or at least be a witness.

“It started with the cats.  The male, Barney,” Barbara began. “He started hissing and scratching violently at the corner of the room. I could see by the street light that his hair was straight up and his ears were pinned back.”

Barbara could only see the cat, nothing that was upsetting him. Then she started to get extremely cold and the hair on the back of her neck and arms were starting to stand up.  She could see her breath in the room — it was that cold.

She grabbed a robe and went to the thermostat to turn up the heat. “It got really quiet. I couldn’t hear my husband breathing with an occasional snore as he usually does. The silence was really creepy. I was too scared to move away from the thermostat.”

Barbara heard scratching noises she thought might be the cat, but Barney was in his soft bed washing his face.

She started to get chills again.  She listened. Then it sounded like someone was in the office.  She could hear the printer printing out something, then there was a loud thud.  She went to investigate. Turning on the light, Barbara saw a stapler fly through the air and hit the wall next to the door where she was standing.  She also noticed where the paper cutter was thrown across the room and left an ugly hole in the wall.

“I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do. Then Barney started hissing and clawing. That’s when I left to wake up my husband.”

Before she could wake him up, the entity followed her into the bedroom and started throwing things off the dresser and pulling out the drawers and dumping them.

When the entity dumped the mattress on the floor with Barbara’s husband with it, he woke up.

What was is?

A few months ago, they saw an advertisement in the Penney Saver. There were bedroom sets, office furniture, a dining set, living room furniture and other items that weren’t listed.  Barbara and her husband wanted to set up the spare room into an office and they wanted a new bedroom set so they went to take a look.

They bought what they wanted and put it into the house without smudging it.  They had a fairly new mattress that fit and put their old bedroom set out in the garage to advertise the following week.

Everything seemed to be fine, but Barbara remembered scratching noises, but ignored it.  Last night was the first time whatever was in the furniture dumped Harry out of bed.

“Where’s the furniture now?” I asked.

“Harry took it to the dump.”

Within half an hour Harry arrived at the coffee shop with a tale of his own to tell.

It seemed that Harry had nothing but trouble since he started loading the furniture on his truck early this morning.

“Everything weighed a ton,” Harry began. “I got Lee from next door and his son to help me.  They kept making wise cracks that I had a dead body in the dresser.”

He wasn’t about to tell them of the night before and the damage whatever that was in the dresser or the bedroom set or the office furniture caused in the house.

The truck broke down twice on the way to the dump.   “I had a mind to dump the load right out on the side of the road,” he said. “Some guys stopped to help with the truck. We got talking and they said they’d take the furniture off my hands.”

I almost choked on my cinnamon bun. “You just gave it to them?!!”

Obviously, Harry and Barbara were glad to be rid of it, but I can’t help thinking someone tonight or some night soon will be having a similar experience.  Barbara just needed to smudge the furniture before taking it into the house.  Or if it’s an evil, aggressive entity as this one seems to be, smudging may not have done any good. Perhaps the furniture should have been burned or taken to the dump for that purpose.

The sad truth is that, although you’re not supposed to take things out of the dump, it is done.  It is possible that this furniture would have found another home.

I asked Harry about his truck and he said it’s running fine.

It seems the entity didn’t want to go to the dump and was preventing that from happening.  I don’t know about who is going to end up with the furniture, but I doubt anyone is prepared for old haunted stuff to raise chaos in their home.

It goes to show that not all “bargains” are bargains at all.

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Goo Was Dripping From The Wall

I was at my local antique mall quite some time ago and as I was looking around I noticed goo dripping from the wall.

We did have quite a bit of rain, but it wasn’t the normal rain type of drip unless there was something in the attic that made this happen. It gave me an uneasy feeling and I was heading out the door when one of the owners stopped me and asked if I had a minute to look at something.

I asked if it had anything to do with the goo dripping on the wall and she nodded.

I should have walked right out the door, but I followed her up a narrow set of stairs into the attic. We located the place where the dripping seemed to originate.

A part of me wanted to see this through and another wanted to run.

There was a cabinet on that wall. The old kind that could be used for a closet or storage. When she opened it up, I could see there were boxes of things in there. I learned this belonged to a man who had it for sale, but it never sold. He had passed and his family couldn’t be located, so they put it in the attic until they could decide what to do with it.

I noticed scratches on the inside of the door and the walls. These weren’t scuff scratches, these were deliberate scratches where someone was trapped inside and wanted to get out.

One of the other women who worked in the store had a disturbing story to tell about that portable closet.

While it was still on display, a psychic came in and told her that this antique closet had bad energy. Children were placed in the closet for punishment. Most of the time they would cry and go to sleep. Once it was quiet, their father would let them out.

But one child was not let out for several weeks. It seemed as though the father and other children forgot all about him. They were gone for several weeks, perhaps visiting family. The little boy banged on the door and kicked it, yelled, screamed and cried. No one came to let him out.

When the man and his children returned, the little boy was dead inside the closet.

This is a sad story, but it does get worse.

The man buried his son in the woods behind his house. Why it decided to drip goo on the wall was anyone’s guess.

The owners of the antique mall decided to have a séance and invited me to participate.

The night of the séance I arrived at the appointed time, met the psychic and the other participants. Candles were lit on the table, we held hands. There was a prayer of protection. I could hear a child crying. I could feel the pain from hunger and thirst this child was feeling. It was horrible. Others had similar experiences.

The little boy’s name was Dana and he was being punished for breaking a window — he threw a baseball through it. The father thought he did it deliberately and locked him in the closet while he and the other children went to the beach on their planned vacation. No food or water was left for him. No one came to check on him or the house while they were gone.

He spoke of being told to go into the light, but he was too afraid to go. He knew he had to stay in the closet until his father returned.

During the séance, Dana was directed into the light by the psychic. It was a beautiful thing to set this child free.

The women who owned the antique mall were able to scrub and repaint the wall.

They were torn about removing the antique closet from the attic. Although it was a horrible reminder of what an innocent child went through, it did eventually have a happy ending.

I would have discarded the antique closet. It’s not haunted, but it was a place of punishment and also the death of one child. It’s sad to learn how furniture was used by others. I’ve seen many of these antique closets. After this experience, I wouldn’t have one in my garage for storage.

I’m reminded of a story I heard recently about an old abandoned asylum and how the “patients” were deglected and worse . . .

Most of these “patients” had mental illness and some were mentally challenged . . . and there were a few who were criminally insane — having been sentenced to that particular facility.

They were all in that same facility . . . together. The only separation was a women’s section and a men’s section. No other accommodations were accessed in keeping the rift-raft away from those who couldn’t defend themselves.

It is sad to know that such facilities existed.

But it is positive that we do have ghost hunters and individuals who explore abandoned places to give us a “wake-up” call from time to time.

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Do You Believe In Demons?

To be honest with you, I try not to give demons much thought.

Yes, I have seen demons and I have felt them.  I’ve had to remove them from my house and antiques.

I thought with the movies and some YouTube videos, people put too much emphasis on demons. They could be ghosts or poltergeists.  Now, those are evil.  The more research I’ve done, the more I’m believing there could be something to demons and I shouldn’t dismiss them.

Linda is an old friend who confided in me one day that there was a demon in her house.

“It’s the strangest thing,” she said.  “I was in bed, about to go to sleep when I heard deep breathing at the foot of my bed.  Without warning I felt a weight on top of me and it felt like a vacuum cleaner hose was stuck in my mouth sucking all the air out of me.”

She paused, watching my reaction.

“I heard that the name of Jesus chases demons away, so I chanted Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in my mind.  The sucking stopped and the weight was off of me.  I then heard footsteps in the hallway outside my bedroom door.  I whispered ‘Jesus help me’ and the pacing stopped.”

Thinking it was over, Linda did drift off to sleep only to be awakened by a non-human growl at the side of her bed.  She froze. Then screamed, “Jesus help me!”

She jumped out of bed and turned on the light.  Within a second of it turning on, the light bulb blew.

“In the name of Jesus get out of my house!” Linda exclaimed as calmly and forcefully as she could.

She grabbed a pillow and a blanket and went to sleep on the couch in the living room.  She’d change the light bulb in the morning.  She had enough of whatever it was in her bedroom.

Linda knew it was evil.  She wasn’t prepared for what she saw next.

“I have a mirror behind the couch,” she explained. “I expected to see my disheveled reflection, but instead, I saw a small child wearing an old fashioned school uniform.  I looked behind me, but there was nothing there.  I looked back in the mirror and there she was.  It was almost like she was waiting for me to invite her to sit down.”

Linda knew demons can appear innocent and even act so in order to gain your trust. She was torn. Was it a ghost of a child or a demon?

“As I observed this young child in her school uniform, I kept thinking about that old scary story of the girl in the red cape.”

For those of you not familiar with the story, there was a girl babysitting a five or six year old little girl.  Her mother told the babysitter that if her daughter wanted ice cream a little later on, it was in the freezer down in the basement.

The little girl did ask for ice cream and the babysitter went down in the basement for it.  She saw out the basement window a little girl in a red cape. It was still light out, but the babysitter thought it strange for a young child to be outside. She got the ice cream and went in the kitchen to scoop it into a bowl.

The little girl wanted some chocolate sprinkles on it.  Those were also down in the basement in a cupboard above the freezer.  The babysitter went back in the basement, looked out the window and saw the same little girl in the red cape.  She was wondering if it was a friend of the girl she was babysitting.

While the little girl was eating her ice cream, the babysitter asked the little girl about school and if she had any friends in the neighborhood.  It seemed there were no other children her age who lived nearby, but she was very eager to tell her about her ballet lessons and all the wonderful girls that were in her class.

By 8:00 the babysitter helped the little girl into her pajamas and into bed.  She read her a story and the little girl fell asleep before the end.

The babysitter turned out the light in the little girl’s room and went into the living room to wait for the parents to return.

When the parents arrived, the mother went to check on her daughter and found her dead.  The police were called and the babysitter was the prime suspect.  She remembered the little girl outside the basement window in the red cape.

The mother said, “There are no windows in the basement, just mirrors.”

I agreed with Linda it was a creepy story, but did she really believe the child she saw in the mirror would be the evil she felt in her bedroom?

Yes, she did.  No angelic face was going to fool her.

She did tell the entity in the mirror to leave her alone, to get out of her house.  She did get a priest to bless her house and she regularly burns sage to cleanse it.  She also got rid of the mirror above her couch and sold her bedroom furniture and bought new.

Some people go to extremes, but they do what they believe is necessary.

I guess the moral of this story is to realize that demons are real and whether you believe in them or not, don’t trust anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Well, I gave you two Real Ghost/Demon Stories rolled into one!! I seriously get creeped out about the girl in the red cape — that’s one of those stories that has stuck with me for a very long time. And, it is one I tell others . . . I don’t want to be the only one with creepy stuff bouncing around in my mind.

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Joel’s Freaky Ghostly Encounter

I met some friends at our local coffee shop. Some dabble in ghost hunting — some more serious than others.

I like hearing of their ghostly adventures . . . and I’m rather fond of the blueberry muffins.

My friend, Barbara brought along her nephew Joel.

He seemed nervous.

After the introductions, Barbara told Joel to start at the beginning.  Joel is a college student.

He decided to give us a description of the room he was in when his unexpected visitor appeared.  The back room, they use as a TV room was added on to the back of the house about five years ago.  From the living room, there’s an archway and you step down three steps into the back room.  There are windows across the back of the room and a door on the right to the backyard.   There’s a couch under the windows, a loveseat is against the wall to the right with the back door and to the left are bookcases and a couple of chairs with a table and lamp between them.  Mounted on the wall to the right of the archway is a widescreen TV.  There is a coffee table in front of the couch. Nothing is in front of the loveseat.

Joel was standing in front of the couch, bent down to pick up the remote from the coffee table.  When he pointed it at the TV, in the reflection of the TV screen was a tall man wearing overalls and a straw hat, holding a shovel or hoe, standing behind the couch, right behind Joel.  The curtains on the windows were closed, because it was night.

Joel stood still for a few minutes staring at the man reflected in the TV screen.

He slowly turned around to see if someone really was behind him.  As happens so often, as soon as he turned his head to look, the man was gone.

Joel ran from the room, to join the rest of the family in the kitchen, looking at old photo albums.   He tells his mother, Barbara’s sister, what he saw and to his surprise she smiles and walks away.

Joel just stood there, still in shock from his encounter.  He watched pictures being passed around. There was an old yellowed newspaper article with a grainy black and white picture that he swears fell from the ceiling and landed in the middle of the table.

According to Joel, it was like the whole world stopped.  He pointed to the picture and yelled, “That’s him!”

Barbara took the newspaper clipping from her purse and passed it around the table.  Evidently, the man was found dead in his backyard, apparently from a heart attack, working in his garden.  This garden is now the TV room.

Joel’s mother had seen the gentleman several times over the years.  She usually saw him in the backyard before they added the TV room.  At times she saw him in various areas of the house — this had been his home.  She knew a man died on the property when they bought the place, but that didn’t bother Joel’s parents.

Barbara couldn’t explain where the newspaper article came from, but it was appropriate to note that the date of the newspaper article was August 20, 1968 — 50 years ago Monday.

We made a point of going to the cemetery and looking up this gentleman’s gravesite to place flowers and to let him know that he is remembered.

Joel is still uncomfortable.  It will take him some time to come to terms with this unexpected visitor. He is actually no stranger to the paranormal . . . but it’s the newspaper clipping that has him creeped out.

I would feel the same way. How about you?

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The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

The photograph of The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is familiar to most everyone.  It is included in everyone’s collection of ghostly apparitions.  Many believe it is authentic, but there are always those who believe otherwise. 

I’m no photography expert, but I am open in believing it is real and I’m also open to the possibility of light getting into the camera or there being some sort of double exposure.  However, this doesn’t explain away the actual sightings many have claimed to see around Raynham Hall. 

The first was in the early 1800’s by King George IV.  He said he saw a woman dressed in a brown dress standing next to his bed. He remarked that her skin was pale and her hair disheveled. During the Christmas holidays of 1835, Colonel Loftus saw a woman wearing a brown satin dress with a pale luminescence around her.  He further described her as having her eyes gouged out.  Captain Frederick Marryat and two friends encountered “the Brown Lady” in an upstairs hallway carrying a lantern in 1836.  It is reported she grinned at the men in a “diabolical manner.”

Who is this “Brown Lady”?  Why is she haunting Raynham Hall?

According to legend, the “Brown Lady of Raynham Hall” is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole (1686-1726).

She was Robert Walpole’s sister (Robert Walpole is regarded to be the first Prime Minister of Great Britain) and the second wife of Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount of Raynham and residents of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England in the early 1700s. Rumor has it that before Dorothy married Charles, she had been the mistress of Lord Wharton, 4th Baron Wharton, an English soldier, politician and diplomat

Now Charles Townshend was known for his violent temper and accused his wife of adultery. It is likely he strangled her right on the staircase of Raynham Hall in 1725 and buried her.  It is a tidy little story and ties the picture in nicely for this legend, but more rumors suspect the funeral was a hoax and Charles locked his wife away in a remote location on the estate.  It is believed she died of small pox in 1726 and others believe she lived out her life locked away.

What is a legend without contradictions? Why are these sightings so rare?  Is the photograph a hoax or proof that spirits walk among us? Was “the Brown Lady’s” life cut short by a jealous husband or small pox . . . or was she locked away for the remainder of her life in the place she now haunts?

I suppose “the Brown Lady” will forever be shrouded in mystery . . . until someone holds a séance at Raynham Hall and Lady Dorothy Walpole Townshend comes forward to tell her story.  Actually, I’m surprised it hasn’t been done.

I sometimes wonder if not knowing is sometimes better than actually knowing the truth of a legend. It would truly be a shame if this was just a photographic anomaly. Photography in those days was in its infancy. It would be interesting to see if there have been other photographs, more recent photographs depicting the fine lady in brown.

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