Transitioning — Thinking Of Changes

Starting A New Season — Looking Forward To Autumn!! 

Brings thoughts of making changes. My neighbor is remodeling her house — too ambitious for me — I tend more to change the look of my websites. I did delete one — and for another added to my Home Page Slider. I thought that would be enough change for me … but no, I’m working on changing the Home Page here at

I am quite torn — I have changed it quite a few times over the years. I do like the concept of writing what interests me with no particular niche. Then, I did get into a niche of sorts, but I do like the randomness of choosing what I wish to share.

Life is fluid — everchanging — kind of like the weather . . . Maybe that is why I have been watching and writing about movies — especially those on Amazon Prime Video. They do have quite a nice selection — there is always something of interest to watch. This gives me the opportunity to experience different genres — some I may not in the past have thought of watching. Then, of course, there are always the favorite genres we may all gravitate to — I do like some of the seasonal ones with a Halloween theme. Sometimes I have to stop watching because it got a bit too much . . . but a good drama or edge of your seat action movie or thriller can keep me rivited to my laptop!

A dramatic contrast with these two movies — a thriller and a heartwarming comedy . . . That is what you can do — decide what you want to watch when you want to watch it. What I find so appealing about Amazon Prime Video is that I don’t have to decide on anything in particular. I can see what’s available and, if a title interests me or makes me think of another movie I’d prefer, I can search for it to see if it’s available for immediate viewing.

The Problem With Changing The Look Of My Website Is Changing Its Essence

It’s Always Good To Sit Back, Relax, And Just Enjoy . . .

I think autumn is the most beautiful season — but there is something to be said for spring . . . and there are wonderful winter and summer scenes as well . . . There is definitely something wonderful about nature and the abundance it offers us with all the colors and smells, etc. of a particular season.

We do have our memories and associations about certain seasons. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a movie or more has influenced our thinking about a particular season. Or a particular holiday or event — something we may have either loved or avoided has now shifted for us . . . As I’ve said before: Life is fluid — everchanging.

I’ll take my own advice and relax and think … No reason to jump in and make changes only to discover that it isn’t going to work for me . . . and down the road again I’m thinking of changing — or changing it back . . . Oh my goodness!!

I have been into movies and audiobooks lately. They’re both wonderfully relaxing ways of spending an afternoon or evening. As is sitting out in nature and taking into the essence of the season.

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How Many Names Are There For The Shopping Cart?

The Shopping Cart Seems To Be A Universal Symbol For Shopping In Various Venues Across The Globe . . .

I know here in the United States we have several names for the shopping cart.

Some refer to it as a basket . . . In the south it is common to hear someone calling it a buggy . . . On the east coast we have the name carriage being applied. I had a friend from Hawaii who referred to it as a wagon.

In European countries and Australia it is referred to as a trolley . . . I rather like that. 

shopping cart  is a wheeled cart supplied by a shop or store, especially supermarkets, for use by customers inside the premises for transport of their grocery or other items.

I Find It Interesting How These Variations Refer To Various Previous Modes Of Transportation

I’ve Always Been Curious About The Various Names Given To An Item As Common As A Shopping Cart

As an American, I’m finding we’re a mix of numerous cultures. This could stem from our ethnic backgrounds and it could also be regional as to geography insofar as where we were raised or where are parents and grandparents were raised. We pick up local expressions and those that are used commonly among our family and friends.

It’s also common to pick up expressions from literature, television and movies. 

I am curious if what you refer to as a shopping cart was not addressed here. Please be so kind as to leave it in the comment section of this blog.

I do thank you for stopping by and hope this was both entertaining and enlightening to you as it was to me.


August Plans

August Is A Magical Time . . .

We’re hopefully coming to the close of summer. I’ve had enough . . . My air conditioning went out twice and just yesterday the electric company gave the neighborhood a power outage to work on the power lines . . . Why is August and not during the cooler weather?

I suppose no time is a good time for a power outage . . . but it is a good time to enjoy a refreshing root beer float in a frosted mug . . .

And to celebrate in the evening, it’s always good to sit outside by the fire pit and make some s’mores with friends and family.

August is our last chance to do a camping trip . . . and to celebrate with backyard bbq’s . . . You can even camp out in your own backyard . . . 

I Thought It Interesting How In The U.K. They Go To The Seaside And We In The U.S.A. Go To The Beach

It may just be a matter of semantics . . . or a cultural thing . . . 

Spending time at the beach is always a fun day . . . Mainly getting out of the heat of the city . . .

I do enjoy going up in the mountains to get away from the heat of the day . . . I do find the mountains relaxing. I suppose we all have our get-away spot . . . Having a picnic is alway nice and taking a bit of a hike . . . 

Then nights can be ripe for telling ghost stories — basically scaring the wits out of each other . . . 

There is truly something about the mountains and the trees and the wild animals that makes ghost stories ideal . . .

Especially urban legends that take place near a lake or stream . . . a child who was drowned and a crazed mother terrorizing everyone years and decades later seeking revenge for the loss of her child . . . 

Leave Me A Comment Letting Me Know How You Spend August

Some are preparing to going Back-to-School or embarking on their college days . . . 

I do enjoy relaxing . . . sometimes thinking about the fall and winter holidays. This is truly a perfect time to plan ahead and take advantage of all those wonderful summer activities . . . 

Yet, most of my activities are quite low-key . . . I do enjoy a relaxing life and life-style . . . 

It’s a good time to work on craft projects . . . Even planning ahead to get started with Halloween — yes, it may be a bit early . . . But never too early to choose that perfect costume . . . I like to avoid the crowds and get a bit of a jump on the selection available . . .

I Just Couldn’t Pass Up The Opportunity Of Putting Up One Of My Favorite Halloween Pictures

It’s always fun for me to go antiquing — checking out antiques — all those wonderful memories from my childhood . . . or even before . . .

I have a friend who collects old toys . . . and another one is into dolls . . . I usually I don’t have anything in mind. I’m just looking at what catches my attention and imagination . . . I do enjoy candle related objects usually in silver . . . I do have a collection of button hooks . . .

However you enjoy spending August, enjoy!

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Lazy Days Of Summer

This Summer Season Has Been Busy And Much Too Warm . . .

Actually, it was downright HOT! Usually I don’t mind it with air conditioning . . . but when it goes out, life can be quite uncomfortable and miserable.

I did buy a new heating and air conditioning unit — my other one was old and pretty much beyond repair. I had 10 days of waiting for the new unit to be installed . . .

Fifteen day after the new unit was installed . . . it went out . . . Something that should last 15 to 20 years stopped working after only 15 days. Obviously, this was unacceptable . . .

The company did make it right . . . but I suffered through too many hours of sweating which wasn’t my idea of enjoying my major investment . . . or the relaxing, lazy days of summer . . .

The Purpose Of This Post Was Not To Bore You With The Chaos In My Life . . .

I was more concerned about the concept of summer — my least favorite season mainly because of the weather. I’m not into the hot sticky weather. I’m more comfortable with temperatures in the 70 + degrees . . . And usually about this time I’m yearning for fall/autumn my absolute favorite season.

But summer does have its perks — many people go on vacation or read good books or watch movies . . . just relax and enjoy the fair weather. There are bar-b-ques and outdoor dining — I like sitting on my patio and even on my front porch with a nice cup of coffee or a cold glass of iced tea. 

Sitting Under A Tree Or On A Tree Swing Is Relaxing

Is it possible that we never outgrow a swing — a tree swing or one we remember from our childhood at home or school or a playground or park?

I think a swing is nice — you can just sit or move slowly or get into it and reach for the sky . . . We make it work by pumping our legs . . . and maybe with a little push by a friend . . . A swing and summer seem to go together in my mind . . .

A tree swing is very appealing to me because you get the shade of the tree overhead . . . With a slight breeze, you can hear the rustling of the leaves — makes me think of fall . . . It is relaxing and very calming . . . You can allow your imagination to bring all kinds of wonderful images to mind . . . Remember . . . your precious memories . . . stories you’ve read or heard . . . being creative and making up a story of your own or poetry — remembering a poem or writing one while you’re relaxed and swaying to a rhythm of your own . . . 

I’m thinking of ice cream — a yummy ice cream cone . . . Making something cooling and refreshing.

Check out some of the items below this post and make yourself a refreshing treat. Something you and your family will enjoy this summer season . . . and for years to come.

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Making Changes — Improvements

Yesterday I Did A Major Facelift To This Website

I love this website. It has been part of me since 2014, but I had it hosted elsewhere before moving it — and losing the content. My point is that I’ve had this website or domain name for a number of years — It has gone through changes . . . as have I . . . some good, others not so much . . . no regrets — it’s all part of the journey. Where we end up hopefully is worth it.

I’m not necessarily a “joiner” . . . yet for the past 8 years I’ve been involved with an internet marketing group. I’ve been a Premium Member of that group for all that time. Last year or so they did a major upgrade and offered a Premium Plus Membership at twice plus the cost . . . I passed. At the time I didn’t feel the added services would benefit me. Then there was this 36 hour March Madness Sale cutting the price down to what I was paying for the Premium Membership. Of course this internet community was talking about how this was a “no-brainer” opportunity. I didn’t act right then. I slept on it. I woke up at 4 AM went to the website and upgraded to Premium Plus.

Why am I sharing this? It’s about timing. I was revamping this website. I needed a change . . . I had even thought of building a new website — even letting this one go . . . I was thinking of how this one has become just like another website I have. My other websites were created from this one more or less . . . I love Halloween, ghost stories, the paranormal . . . all that creepy stuff . . . but also paper crafts and whatever else interests me at the moment . . . But I digress . . .

How Serious Does One Have To Be To Be Taken Seriously?

Read More

You didn’t see that coming did you? Neither did I, actually.

I spent a lot of time yesterday seeing what my theme company had available for me to use in order to revamp this website.

It gave me inspiration . . .

Also some doubts about the direction I was going . . . or if I could make this work. Tough stuff!!

It was basically a wake up call telling me to stop messing around and get serious. Yes, I’m a senior citizen . . . all the more reason for me to have my act together and stop playing around. I can enjoy what I’m doing, but I do need to get serious about it.

That was the reason for the upgrade . . . And my reason for sharing this here. There are times we have to get out of our comfort zone. Try new things. Learn new things. Discover new things. There are plenty of opportunities available to us . . . if we would only acknowledge them . . .

Recognizing opportunities and acknowledging them . . . knowing our limitations and doing something about it. Life is fluid . . . ever changing whether we’re ready for it or not. And changes that may not be something we want . . . so it’s important to get out in front and turn the tide in the direction that works best for us. I suppose it’s about being pro-active rather than re-active.

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Who’s on First – Abbott & Costello

Abbott & Costello’s Comedy Skit Who’s On First — A Baseball Classic

Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know is on third . . . I could listen to this all day!