Digging To Death — Horror Movie On Amazon Prime Video

When You Start Digging, You Never Know What You Might Find . . .

While digging a hole for a septic tank in his newly acquired old house, David stumbled upon a shocking and perplexing discovery. Hidden beneath the earth’s surface was a large box containing an astonishing three million dollars and an unfortunate sight—a lifeless body. Now faced with an arduous dilemma, he finds himself torn between the choice of reporting his findings and potentially losing the enticing sum or concealing the money and reburying the unfortunate soul. Only by watching this compelling film will you discover the path he chooses and the consequences that follow.

You’ll Want To See This Trailer

Life Can Present Us With Many Different Twists And Turns

For many of us it could be a very straightforward solution — call the authorities about the body David found in his yard.

As for the money . . . tempting as it may be to keep it, it doesn’t belong to him and could be the reason the dead guy was buried in the yard.

Without giving spoilers — David has a lot on his plate with his job and the mortage on his new place, plus the medication for his daughter . . . His focus needs to be on getting his job promotion and not the issues involved with what he found in the yard.

It wouldn’t be much of a story, if David called the authorities and they took care of the body and the money and he continued on with his landscaping and septic tank projects . . . Or there could be a different turn . . . That’s what is so great about movies — they present one story and we can think of other ways things might have gone . . .

Watch Digging To Death and let me know what you think.

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Secret Enigma Puzzle Box

A Wooden Box Brain Teaser

A wooden box with hidden compartments — Oh this should truly be fun! This is a great gift idea. Perhaps you would like to purchase one for yourself. I think everyone would enjoy this wonderful Secret Enigma Puzzle Box. It seems to be great for young and old — male and female. We do seem to enjoy secrets — and being able to figure out how to get inside a secret compartment. What secrets will you keep in your secret compartment? We have all kinds of things we treasure — a special piece of jewelry, perhaps a key . . . a special picture . . . Of course, our mad money . . . 

About This Item:

This box is truly a Brain Teaser. The Bits and Pieces Secret Enigma Puzzle Box conceals and protects your most treasured keepsakes in its secret compartment. You will get a kick out of watching others try to get into your puzzle box.

There’s a Money Holder Puzzle: This is truly a clever way to present a gift of currency, a gift card or gift certificate with a challenging puzzle to release the gift. 

This box is elegantly designed in beautiful rosewood.

The dimensions of this secret puzzle box are 2½” x 5¾” x 2¾” and include a solution in case this enigma has everyone stumped.

I believe you’ll enjoy this puzzle box — for yourself and to give as gifts . . . There are other styles and loads of puzzle brain teasers you can check out by clicking one of the pictures above. 

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Easy To Bake Vegetarian Tacos

Recipes Are Meant To Be Adapted

Easy To Bake Vegetarian Tacos can be made in about 30 minutes — you can keep them vegetarian or add beef or chicken . . . or add other vegetables or any ingredient of your choice.

Ingredients Serves 4:

  • 1 package baked corn tortillas — organic if possible — 8 to 10

  • 1 can seasoned refried beans — organic if possible — feel free to substitute with black beans or cooked and seasoned ground beef, shredded beef or shredded chicken

  • 1 cup of a melty cheese of your choice or a combination — mozzarellla, pepper jack, cheddar, queso fresco, goat cheese

  • For the Topping: Feel free to improvise — diced tomatoes, scallions, cilantro, avocado, sour cream, hot sauce, lime


Let’s Put These Tacos Together And Bake ‘Em


  1. Preheat oven to 375F

  2. Line a 9 x 13 inch baking dish with parchment — or use what you usually use.

  3. You key is to fit the 8 to 10 taco shells in the best possible arrangement.

  4. Stir the refried or other beans — spoon in 2 heaping tablespoons into each taco shell. If you like, you can top each off with a bit of hot sauce to taste, of course.

  5. You can now add your shredded melty cheese to the top of the beans plus any other ingredients you decided to add. Place it into the preheated oven for 15 to 20 minutes — or until warmed through.

  6. While baking you can prep the toppings — or if they’re ready to go, kick back and relax.

Garnish with hot sauce, sour cream or whatever your heart desires.

What Do You Think?

This is quick, easy and I believe delicious with all of your fresh ingredients. I would think this would be a go to meal when you’re hungry, but not sure what to make. It’s great or lunch or dinner . . . a tasty snack while watching a favorite television program or video.

Leave me a comment if you tried the recipe or intend to — what additional ingredients would you or did you add?

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Teabloom Flowering Teas Gift Set Collection

Tea Flowers Are An Intriguing Concept

They are not only beautiful but are flavorful. Since this is a new concept for me, I believe it’s best to select an assortment — a gift set collection. I love the concept of having loose teas and allowing them to brew naturally . . . Then add the flowers to decorate the teapot . . . or a glass or cup of tea . . . I do like having lovely canisters to display on my counter or in a cupboard . . .

This is truly a visually delightful and flavorful experience to behold. I remember seeing this years ago, but never ventured forward to see what it was all about. I suppose it was best for me to be ready for this experience. How about about you? Are you ready to have a blooming tea experience?

What An Amazing Experience!!

As I was growing up I was always told not to play with my food . . . I guess that included what I was drinking as well. Now that I’m an adult . . . I can appreciate the essence behind creating a beautiful meal as well as a beautiful cup or pot of tea. I’m still quite intrigued by this whole concept. I do hope you’ll click one of the pictures and find out for yourself the wonderful, flavorful essence of tea flowers.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts about tea flowers.


Making Changes — Improvements

Yesterday I Did A Major Facelift To This Website

I love this website. It has been part of me since 2014, but I had it hosted elsewhere before moving it — and losing the content. My point is that I’ve had this website or domain name for a number of years — It has gone through changes . . . as have I . . . some good, others not so much . . . no regrets — it’s all part of the journey. Where we end up hopefully is worth it.

I’m not necessarily a “joiner” . . . yet for the past 8 years I’ve been involved with an internet marketing group. I’ve been a Premium Member of that group for all that time. Last year or so they did a major upgrade and offered a Premium Plus Membership at twice plus the cost . . . I passed. At the time I didn’t feel the added services would benefit me. Then there was this 36 hour March Madness Sale cutting the price down to what I was paying for the Premium Membership. Of course this internet community was talking about how this was a “no-brainer” opportunity. I didn’t act right then. I slept on it. I woke up at 4 AM went to the website and upgraded to Premium Plus.

Why am I sharing this? It’s about timing. I was revamping this website. I needed a change . . . I had even thought of building a new website — even letting this one go . . . I was thinking of how this one has become just like another website I have. My other websites were created from this one more or less . . . I love Halloween, ghost stories, the paranormal . . . all that creepy stuff . . . but also paper crafts and whatever else interests me at the moment . . . But I digress . . .

How Serious Does One Have To Be To Be Taken Seriously?

Read More

You didn’t see that coming did you? Neither did I, actually.

I spent a lot of time yesterday seeing what my theme company had available for me to use in order to revamp this website.

It gave me inspiration . . .

Also some doubts about the direction I was going . . . or if I could make this work. Tough stuff!!

It was basically a wake up call telling me to stop messing around and get serious. Yes, I’m a senior citizen . . . all the more reason for me to have my act together and stop playing around. I can enjoy what I’m doing, but I do need to get serious about it.

That was the reason for the upgrade . . . And my reason for sharing this here. There are times we have to get out of our comfort zone. Try new things. Learn new things. Discover new things. There are plenty of opportunities available to us . . . if we would only acknowledge them . . .

Recognizing opportunities and acknowledging them . . . knowing our limitations and doing something about it. Life is fluid . . . ever changing whether we’re ready for it or not. And changes that may not be something we want . . . so it’s important to get out in front and turn the tide in the direction that works best for us. I suppose it’s about being pro-active rather than re-active.

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The Mystery Of Critical-Conceptional Thinking Uncovered

I have a Tarot Website and I’ve been studying the Tarot lately in those posts. I’ve also looked into the books by Vincent Pitisci. I’m obviously quite impressed by his research in critical, creative, conceptional thinking. That is primarily the reason for this posting — We do have this genius within us. We don’t need to consult the Tarot . . . just think quietly . . . We do have our own way of receiving clarity within our own thoughts.

As Vincent Pitisci explained, we can discover something new from something old . . . or find a different use for something . . . There are lots of new ideas out there — a new invention is within your grasp — even finding a solution to an important issue in your life . . . We seem to always have decisions to make in our everyday life.

If You’re Curious About Tarot, Here Are Some Tarot Decks You May Find Interesting

Besides critical thinking, we need a random stimulus — a blueprint or structure that spreads out the concept or the problem or issue. We can tap into our imagination which opens up our intuition . . . We are all intuitive . . . we all have an imagination . . . Much depends upon how often we use them — or allow them to come out.

Our imaginations may go wild when we watch a scary movie . . . every bump in the night — the heat or air conditioning turning on — a creek from the house settling . . . depending upon what we may be watching, we’ll make an association of what is going on within our home with what we see on the television. Even going outside at night, we may imagine a sense of being watched or feeling unsafe . . . it may be true . . . or your imagination . . . or your intuition . . . 

I remember visiting with friends one evening a having a strong sense that I needed to go home NOW! So I excused myself and went home. Nothing was wrong at home . . . No accident happened on the drive home . . . Nothing in the newspaper or on the news that anything happened around my neighborhood . . . I may have avoided something . . . or maybe not . . . I just honor those thoughts and act on them . . . I believe those random thoughts have made me safe.

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