Have You Watched Packed To The Rafters?

Packed To The Rafters

It’s a great title for a series about a family . . . kids leaving the nest . . . and returning . . .

It’s unfortunate that there has to be spoilers in reviews . . . That’s just how it sometimes has to be . . . So . . . that’s your warning.

I enjoyed this series. I even took a look at Back To The Rafters — I did want more . . . I’m not too sure about that . . . I haven’t warmed up to the youngest of the four Rafter children — Ruby . . . I’m keeping an open mind . . . I do wonder if there will be a second season of Back To The Rafters . . . Time will tell . . .

My Posts Seem To Be A Jumble Without Much Organized Thought

Yet, I see TwoCansOnAString.com much like a kitchen junk drawer . . . We need it!!

I suppose with blogging we do what feels good at the moment . . . How it comes together isn’t the issue — It’s that the content is there!!!

Wow! A Trailer Of Back To The Rafters

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An Interesting Cast Of Characters — The Family, The Neighbors . . . Friends . . . Co-Workers . . .

This is truly a heartwarming series . . . I cried . . . I also found myself becoming uncomfortable . . . Perhaps some things hit close to home or it shed light on my not being as opened minded as I’d like to be.

We all have opinions. We view things differently . . . We may accept the choices others make — perhaps we don’t like it or would make those choices in our lives . . . In my case, I may not truly understand . . . This could be the reason I watch such Prime Video series — to gain a better understanding of life — choices one can make . . . and see how things progress.

Life is full of lessons . . . some we learn . . . some we ignore . . . some we are not even aware . . .

I’m sure I’ve missed the boat on a lot of what life has to offer . . . I try to have an open mind . . . We do have our own priorities, thoughts, beliefs and opinions . . . I do wonder why we warm up to some and others we don’t — or even want to ignore and hope will just go away . . .

This is a series worth watching. Perhaps you’ll become reflective as I have . . .

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The Mystery Of Critical-Conceptional Thinking Uncovered

I have a Tarot Website and I’ve been studying the Tarot lately in those posts. I’ve also looked into the books by Vincent Pitisci. I’m obviously quite impressed by his research in critical, creative, conceptional thinking. That is primarily the reason for this posting — We do have this genius within us. We don’t need to consult the Tarot . . . just think quietly . . . We do have our own way of receiving clarity within our own thoughts.

As Vincent Pitisci explained, we can discover something new from something old . . . or find a different use for something . . . There are lots of new ideas out there — a new invention is within your grasp — even finding a solution to an important issue in your life . . . We seem to always have decisions to make in our everyday life.

If You’re Curious About Tarot, Here Are Some Tarot Decks You May Find Interesting

Besides critical thinking, we need a random stimulus — a blueprint or structure that spreads out the concept or the problem or issue. We can tap into our imagination which opens up our intuition . . . We are all intuitive . . . we all have an imagination . . . Much depends upon how often we use them — or allow them to come out.

Our imaginations may go wild when we watch a scary movie . . . every bump in the night — the heat or air conditioning turning on — a creek from the house settling . . . depending upon what we may be watching, we’ll make an association of what is going on within our home with what we see on the television. Even going outside at night, we may imagine a sense of being watched or feeling unsafe . . . it may be true . . . or your imagination . . . or your intuition . . . 

I remember visiting with friends one evening a having a strong sense that I needed to go home NOW! So I excused myself and went home. Nothing was wrong at home . . . No accident happened on the drive home . . . Nothing in the newspaper or on the news that anything happened around my neighborhood . . . I may have avoided something . . . or maybe not . . . I just honor those thoughts and act on them . . . I believe those random thoughts have made me safe.

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Cake Decorating Using A Lazy Susan

It’s truly amazing what you can create — Of course, it takes practice, but with the desire and some basic tools — along with creativity/imagination you can create some true masterpieces!

I’m not so much into icing — maybe it’s because I’ve never had much success in getting the icing or frosting to look beautiful . . . With the right tools . . . instruction . . . desire . . . You can definitely do whatever you set your mind to achieving.

It does look like fun . . . Can you  imagine the happiness this would bring to your face . . . and, of course, your family and friends . . . when you create your very own decorated cake. Will you use fruit or will you try your hand at making frosting flowers?

With the correct tools, you can layer your cake in such a way that will delight the eye as well as your taste buds . . . Are you ready to go out on a cake decorating adventure? Click any of the images above or to the left and do some exploring into the wonderful world of cake decorating tools!!

I hope you enjoyed this post — leave me a comment below.

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Reacher — Amazon Prime

Oh my goodness!! I just don’t know what to say . . . This video trailer of Reacher says it all . . . 

Something is definitely not right in Margrave, Georgia . . . corruption all over the place . . . does it smell of a conspiracy?  I don’t really want to jump to any conclusions other than I’m going to watch Reacher when it is available.

I encourage you to watch it, too . . . Sign-up for Prime today — you can try it before you buy it!!

The Reacher Trailer does it for me!! I’m hooked!! I definitely want to see what unfolds.

Amazon has a number of original series . . . Harlem, Flack, The Wheel of Time, I Know What You Did Last Summer  . . . and so many more. Plus original movies:  The Tender Bar, Black Box, Late Night . . . and a variety of others. You’ll find something of interest!

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Are You Enjoying Your Day?

I’m updating my websites. It is a slow process for me … I’ve been away from my computer for much too long.

I have been watching some movies on Amazon Prime Videos … It’s been enjoyable … something I encourage you to try. Sign-up is quick, easy and secure. There are so very many benefits you can enjoy.  There should be a link on the sidebar … definitely at the bottom of my home page … I don’t want to be too pushy … I know you can decide what is best for you and your family.

I have watched the latest series by Amazon “I Know What You Did Last Summer” … it was creepy … interesting … entertaining … I was hooked!  That may not be much of an review, but honest. I also watched “The Fall” — it took much more time than I anticipated …. in the end it was well worth it.  I got hooked on the story and wanted to see how it would end … then disappointed when the series was over …. I wanted to see more cases solved.  Oh well, such is how series go … and movies too.

I’m eager to know what Prime Videos interest you. I watch a variety of movies … I do love mysteries … not so much into the horror, but at times … Comedy is always good for something light ….

With a new year there is much to explore and enjoy.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

My Goodness We’ve Been Experiencing Considerable Rain Over The Past Few Days 

I do love the rain … It’s always nice when I don’t have to be out in it. It is truly a lovely time to cozy up with a good book or watch movies …

I like snuggling up in my favorite chair with a good book … or watching Amazon Prime Movies on my laptop.

It is usually at such times that we’re unable to find an umbrella … Yet we know we have several … somewhere …

It’s always nice to have a few umbrellas on hand … We do misplace them … and leave them … Perhaps a brightly colored umbrella would be in order 

I’m wondering about some rain gear for my precious Yorkie … but she does stay close by me when we go out … But I do wonder if she would enjoy such attire … but running about in the rain truly isn’t for her … 

Well … we’re not out and about much in the rain … we take care of what is to be done and return indoors to dry off and snuggle in a warm blanket or laprobe … It is always nice to be dry and warm.



Creepy, Scary And Truly Messed Up Paranormal Game

I[ve Never Heard Of This Game … But I Wonder If A Previous Owner Of My House Played This Game …

At one time I did have a resident ghost in my home … who was a librarian … It prbably had nothing to do with this game… but how will I know for sure …

In all neighborhoods throughout the world there are people who dabble in all kind of activities … We are curious about the occcult … that paranormal realm … We look for ghosts … we want to experience paranormal activity … Until we do …


Putting Yourself In Harms Way Is Never A Good Idea … Then There’s The Destruction Of Property That Goes Over The Line As Far As I’m Concerned …

I’m not one to play such games or rituals … This one seems beyond creepy …

Have you played it? 

Would you want to?

Please leave a comment with your thoughts about this creepy and dangerous paranormal game.

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